About Jodee


Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog!

I’ve been photographing weddings for almost 10 years! Which means, I never have a dull Saturday. Weddings are the cornerstone of my business and I truly enjoy every aspect of photographing them. Over the years I’ve developed a specific style of shooting and editing while also keeping up with the current trends. I also try not to take each new photography fad to extremes. Remember the black and white with a “touch of color” photos? Most of those clients are hoping for a straight black and white or color image now.

I believe that although dress styles, hair styles and editing styles change, if you keep a fresh & natural approach to shooting, your images will stand the test of time.

Since I’ve been shooting for quite a while, I have also developed a pretty seamless timeline for maximizing shooting while also allowing my couples enjoy their weddings! In 2016 I’ll be sharing some of my tips by creating free printables so every bride and groom can feel organized and less stressed leading up to their wedding day.



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