Carissa & Jason – Life and Style Photography

Carissa & Jason braved the cold weather with me when we had all that pretty snow earlier in the month to do their engagement pictures.  Seeing all the brown outside my window now just doesn’t compare to what we had to work with in these photos! The next time I see this couple the grass will be green and hopefully the weather will be a beautiful and sunny.  Looking forward to June, Carissa & Jason. Congrats on your engagement!

Pat + Sarah – Life & Style Photography

I met Pat and Sarah on a rainy day in Chippewa Falls. I think we were less than 10 minutes into the shoot when it went from a sprinkle to downpour. I didn’t think it would end, but Pat &  Sarah were patient and wanted to keep going, so we did and I’m glad! The colors are just more lush when it rains.  Looking forward to their wedding!

WI wedding photographer -Michael + Kelsey

Michael & Kelsey will be married next spring and I couldn’t be more excited to travel to their town to photograph the wedding as we have family there that we don’t get to see often enough. They’re also as cute as a button together so I just know it will make my job that much easier.  I’m hoping for some gorgeous light on their wedding day like we had for their engagement session.
Though this photo (below) was too cute. Oh to be in love, together, but also with rivaling teams 🙂

Eau Claire photographer – Ashley + Fred

Ashley & Fred’s engagement session was so memorable for me. For starters, it was the windiest day EVER. We were down by Phoenix Park and the wind whipped our faces so much we had tears, but they were great sports and it actually worked out to make some awesome photos with Ashley’s hair! To try and hide from the wind, we ended up near the backside of a building with a cool brick wall and an old couch just sitting there.  I felt like I won the lottery 🙂 I met Ashley at another wedding and distinctively remember her awesome taste in shoes. Cannot wait to see what she wears on her wedding day.  Love the urban look to their photos and the fact that I finally got to take a few photos in a coffee shop downtown. Looking forward to see them again in Door County next September!

Susan + Zach – Eau Claire Wedding Photographer – Life and Style Photography

Susan and Zach have already seen their photos, but I thought, why not share with you! I really do like the snow on the ground now, but looking at the warmth of the sun and leaves in these photos makes me miss the warm weather, just a little.  There will *hopefully* be plenty more snow on the ground when I see these two again. They are getting married right after Christmas this year.  Crossing my fingers for a foot of snow, sunshine and a balmy 38 degrees. Would that be nice for a winter wedding?!

Kevin + Ann- Twins Stadium-Minneapolis photographer

I’m so happy for this couple! Kevin and Ann are getting married next July in my hometown! Kevin and I grew up together and both went to college in La Crosse, where he met Ann. She’s a perfect fit for him and blends in seamlessly in our tiny little polish town.  I honestly forget she isn’t from there too!  They now live in the cities and that is where we did the engagement pictures (at the Twins Stadium).  Even though we started shooting at 1:00 in the afternoon, we worked around the bright sunlight and got some fun pictures at the stadium before finishing up near a park.

Brianna + Russ

Stay tuned the next couple days because I may become a blogging machine!  First of many posts…Brianna and Russ will be married next June. They brought along her parent’s  vintage car. It was so fun to use a new prop for pictures. I know I went a little overboard with the car photos, but oh well. . . .Brianna has been waiting patiently for her sneak peek so enjoy!

Amanda & Randy

Amanda & Randy will be married next fall in a very pretty area that we vacation to when we have time. It will be an excuse for us to spend the weekend in Holcombe, enjoying what I know will be a super fun wedding and then hopefully the last boat ride of 2012.