Hannah + Jon {wedding}

Let me begin by saying these are great people….the whole wedding party.  I left a 12 hour shoot feeling like I just spent all that time with friends.  Hannah & Jon had a spectacular day….and the rain worked to our advantage.  Everyone was game for getting a little wet and the fun spills through on these pictures.  Congrats to you on a great wedding & best wishes for a happy marriage!

Can you tell how excited this little girl is to get her make-up done 🙂  Taya is sooooooo jealous.  When she saw the picture she wanted to know who that girl is and why I didn’t take her along 🙂

Can you tell how excited this bride is to get married?  Hannah’s smile is contagious……I warn you….you will smile all day along with her!

3 thoughts on “Hannah + Jon {wedding}

  1. Jodee!! (and Kasey!)


    We absolutely love these pictures – and can’t wait to see more! You’re the best photographer ever – which means you won’t be able to get rid of us, we’ll definitely be coming back! You and Kasey were so much fun to be around on Saturday and had such cute ideas – thank you again for making our day and our memories so perfect.

    Hannah and Jon

  2. Jodee!!!


    These pictures are amazing – you’re the best photographer ever. 🙂 You’re not going to be able to get rid of us now, we’ll be back for pictures as long as you’re taking them! Thank you for all the cute picture ideas and for being so fun to be around. 🙂 Can’t wait to see more!!

    Hannah and Jon

  3. Ohhh sorry, I sent you two – I thought it didn’t work the first time, since I didn’t see the comment when I came back to your blog (for the 100th time…) to look at the pictures again. 🙂 Oops!!

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