Denelle + Jerry {wedding}

Denelle & Jerry were married at the Florian Gardens last Saturday. I have been excited to shoot this wedding for a long time. Such a great couple to work with! 

FYI: Both brides I warned about buying rain boots because of the weather forecast, bought them, and not a single drop! If you don’t want rain on your wedding day, I suggest you buy a pair 🙂

We waited until near the end of the day for Jerry to pick up Denelle….at their engagement session, I asked him to “dip her and give her a kiss” and he slipped and Denelle went tumbling into the grass!

I am madly in love with her bouquet.  It’s stunning in every photo.  I just love the pop of one color.  Brent Douglas did a fantastic job creating it!

4 thoughts on “Denelle + Jerry {wedding}

  1. These photos are the most amazing pictures I have seen; your photographer must have been amazing to work with. You guys are so lucky to have had such a wonderful photographer to capture your wedding day. If I ever get married, IF, I would love to get their name and contact information. Congrats to the both of you, you guys are an absolutly amazing family.
    Sarah and Eric

  2. Wow, Denelle’s photos are georgous. I especially love the one where she is up against the trellis. Beautiful wedding photos. congrats denelle

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