Maria + Eric {Chetek, Wisconsin wedding photographer}

Maria and Eric were married in Chetek, WI on July 24th.  I live so close to Chetek, yet most of my weddings are in the Eau Claire area.  It was nice to be close to home!  This wedding was so fun. The day went so smoothly and I was totally in love with Maria’s dress/hair/makeup.  I was also loving the fact that she’s a Polish girl {as am I :)} and incorporated  polish traditions in her wedding day.  They’re also a very lucky couple.  The day was gorgeous, and the rain held off until dinner. It poured and poured for about 20 minutes…….but after, the sky was gorgeous and we went out on the golf course to get some stunning pictures. 

I was taking this {below} picture and thought, Maria looks like she could just lift up to the sky.  The light was gorgeous and you can’t get clouds better than that.

I wish you could hear the music behind this photo {below}.  It’s times like this that it’s hard to stand at the edge of the dance floor and stay behind my camera. I just want to get out and dance. You can definitely count on some polka music at my girls’ weddings and me out on the floor with them like Maria and her mom are!


Ok, for any of you engaged couples reading this blog…check out this below picture.  Eric hit knocked it out of the park on Maria’s wedding gift.  I believe he bought it at Laskers in E.C., and Maria was thrilled with it.  {I loved it too.} I am going to start offering links to great gift websites to help you grooms out. I also am in the works of creating some fun photo jewelry available for wedding presents. 

2 thoughts on “Maria + Eric {Chetek, Wisconsin wedding photographer}

  1. Absolutely beautiful! I will be anxious to see all of them! The wedding was beautiful as was the bride and everyone had a wonderful time!

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