Max & Betsy { Chetek, Wis. Senior photographer}

Max will be a senior in Albequerque NM this coming fall. His family has a lake home next to us, so we’ve had the pleasure of getting to know this awesome family.  Betsy is his little sister and we did some pictures for her, just for fun!  A hot topic on our lake is the water level……if you have ever been here for a shoot, then you know what I am talking about.  It’s at least 9 feet low.  Even with the rain this summer, it’s still not going up…..not even an inch……then last night we got a downpour. Our neighbor gaged 4.5 inches and tonight when I walked to our neighbor’s yard for a shoot, I could here this rush of water….I looked and there it was, a beautiful flow of clear water streaming from an old creek that has been dry for the past 4 years.  The water flowed right into our lake and wooohooooooooo the water level has risen!!!!  Max and Betsy will be happy to here this great news 🙂


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