Charles & Kimberly (Eau Claire Wisconsin wedding photographer)

Charles and Kimberly were married 9-5 in Eau Claire at the Florian Gardens. I do believe that had the best weather of the summer!  It was so comfortable to be outdoors.  This wedding was definitely unique to me in many ways. Charles and Kimberly reside in NY, and the whole atmosphere had an out-east feel. They did their first dance before dinner (something I LOVED), it was a great introduction to the celebration of the evening.   The bridal party had flown in from New York, Arizona, California and other places I have forgotten.  This couple is from Wisconsin, so they were sure to include some Wisconsin traditions…. 

The guys wanted to go to Phoenix Park. It has a beautiful bridge that is popular for pictures.  Mid-day on a holiday weekend, well, it’s popular to just about everyone. I love the next two pictures.  The groomsmen were all over this…..talking to everyone that walked, or ran by 🙂

Mmmmm….a Wisconsin FAV of mine. Brats and saurkrat.  I think this was the best appetizer I’ve ever had at a wedding 🙂

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