I still have so much to blog about, two weddings, kids, seniors……but I’m blogging from my laptop, so I can only share my own photos.  Layla is figuring things out quickly now.  It seems like when they get to be 8-9 months, each day they discover something new they are capable of doing.  She has been working on climbing on my couch in the studio. She isn’t quite tall enough to hoist her leg up there, but soon enough she’ll be not only climbing on it, but jumping off it like her older sister. I just love this baby stage and wish soooo much I could hang onto it longer.   Time is a tricky thing.  Any way, I thought I would share some pictures of her learning her way around a camera.  I do hope in about 16 years, one of my girls has an interest in what I do and I can start helping their mom out! 🙂

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