Jessica and Steve will be married next fall. They came over a few weeks ago for their engagement pictures…naturally, with them wearing Packer jerseys…football was a topic of discussion.  Brett Favre was definitely brought up.  Steve, well he in a few words expressed his resentment for Favre for going to the Vikings.  We laughed and joked about the whole media mess it was.  It did spark my  memory of a conversation I had with a priest a year or so ago.  This priest said in a very straight face,  and a very matter-of-fact tone, “If Favre goes to the Vikings, he is dead to me.”  I guess Favre has a lot of repenting to do for that!  🙂  Enjoy your preview!

One thought on “engaged.

  1. Love it!! Jessica just forwarded a couple of the other photos from this shoot and they all turned out so beautiful. Very, very nice work (as always). They’ve certainly made an excellent selection in a photographer. 🙂

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