Amy and Scott, a first look

My favorite moment of any wedding day is the first moment  they see each other.  It’s a true and raw depiction of their feelings, the moment he turns around and sees his bride in her dress.  A year of planning, a morning of putting every special detail into place leads up to the moment their eyes meet.  You can see it in their expressions  in every photo, it’s emotional and it’s real. And it’s special. Really, it is.   It’s a new tradition, for this century and I am so happy they chose to do this. Not that they’ll need a reminder of how they felt at this moment, but they’ll have these photos forever to look back on and relive the first time they saw each other. (Their full blog post to come soon!)     

 – These photos are an example of what I mean by seeing each other before the ceremony. It seems to be the decision a lot of couples are torn about and I wanted to give some insight to what it looks like.  If you are a couple who would like to wait until the ceremony, that is great too. Amy & Scott met at noon and their ceremony was not scheduled until 3:00. This allowed enough time for me to photograph them together, with their wedding party and we also got ALL the family photos completed as well before the ceremony began.  This allowed them to relax and enjoy post ceremony with their family and friends with out being held up with posed pictures. We were able to capture fun candids and styled-journalism the rest of the evening!

4 thoughts on “Amy and Scott, a first look

  1. These two are so absolutely gorgeous and handsome. It was a beautiful day. Happily ever after Scott and Amy.

  2. Beautiful!! It brought a tear to my eye thinking that’ll be me in about a month! Thank you Scott and Amy! Congrats to the both of you 🙂

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