Amanda + Isaac [Mexico] Wedding

Amanda told me she had a crush on Isaac since high school. When Isaac realized she was the girl he wanted, he gave her a necklace on their first date and she wore it for their wedding day.  The people, their generosity, the location, all were beautiful.  Isaac and Amanda are very fortunate to have such great family and friends who traveled over an ocean to witness the binding of their love with rings, champagne and many warm days in the sun. Thank you, especially to Amanda, her mom and her girlfriends for making me feel like a part of the family.  I’m anxious to see you all at the reception in a week!

I have many more photos on our facebook page. Check them out and like or comment on your favorites. Whichever photo gets the most likes/comments I will print a large picture for the new Mr. & Mrs.!

Isaac & Amanda chose to see each other before their 4:00 ceremony. I’m used to having a second shooter for this moment, so I put  one camera on “P” and handed it to the best man to capture a few frames along side of me.

I was quite honestly obsessed with these outdoor canopy beds. I even photographed the frame work for my husband to build me one for our place on the lake. I cannot imagine anything better on a summer day.

I’ve witnessed many, many acts of generosity at weddings, and when Amanda discovered that her wedding band had been stolen during their travels, I sort of braced myself for her totally understandable melt-down. But, she didn’t. She said she was freaking out, but really she was totally cool.  So, was Isaac.  When we sat down for dinner at the reception, I mentioned to Amanda’s uncle that  if everyone pitched in a few dollars, they would have enough money to replace that ring. Him and his wife ran with the idea and within an hour collected an entire jar of money and presented it to Amanda and Isaac after the meal.


2 thoughts on “Amanda + Isaac [Mexico] Wedding

  1. Amazing! My dream wedding would look a lot like the events that you captured for this beautiful couple.

    When you husband accomplishes the task of building a canopy bed for your lake home please post photos.

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