Sherri + Brian – ladysmith wedding photographer

This post is overdue! I  created it and saved a draft weeks ago, waiting for the couple to return from their honeymoon and it never made it to a published post.  My apologies for making you wait so long to see it…

Sherri & Brian were married in Ladysmith on a day that began sunny, but as Sherri finished her hair and got into her dress the rain started. First as a sprinkle, and then a steady downpour.  I was definitely nervous as we had so many photos to complete, but the clouds parted and the  sun came out very warm and bright just as the ceremony ended. It could not have been more perfect timing.

Oh, Kylie, you are too cute for words!

The car? A wedding present from Sherri’s Dad.

 Kylie copying her mom : )

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