Attention to detail

Meet Gabby, who may be the most detail-oriented bride I have ever met. She did not forget a thing and customized her wedding to include everything imaginable, special and significant to her. I was intending on blogging their entire wedding today, but stopped when I realized there were just too many details to include in one post. So, this is dedicated to Gabby and her incredible attention to detail.

Some of these incredible details include..a photo guestbook, shoes in her favorite blue, crayons, treats, & a colorbook for each child, a Sweet Shop, Sashes on the chairs in blue, Mr. & Mrs. Sashes for their chairs, slideshow, Photobooth, Initial bags for her bridesmaids, A stop at the place they met (Applebee’s), Framed Seating charts, Candy bags, special rings tied to her bouquet, Programs about their bridal party, cocktail napkins with their names & wedding date, and believe it or not, there are more that are not shown here!

One thought on “Attention to detail

  1. Hey Jodee, I’ve been meaning to comment since Nathan and I got back from our honeymoon last week. We were very excited to see the blog postings. As soon as our plane landed in Chicago I immediately turned my phone back on (it had been off to avoid international charges) and checked your blog! (I am so thankful that I have an iPhone, I couldn’t have waited til we got home!) The pictures are awesome! And this post made me feel great…it was wonderful to recieve such a nice compliment on my wedding planning, Thanks 🙂 We can’t wait to see all the pictures!

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