JJ Photography Workshop

Last chance to register for our Photography Workshop! Jared and I have spent a lot of time going over the content, learning from each other (yes I learned something new!)  to present it in a way that is UNDERSTANDABLE, so you can walk away feeling like YOU UNDERSTAND YOUR CAMERA and how to make it work for you and your style of shooting.  Even if  you’ve owned your camera and feel like you know what you are doing, you will learn something new. I attended WPPI in Las Vegas and attended dozens of presentations and walked away learning something from  each photographer that I could implement in my shooting style or business. I don’t ever feel like I’m above learning something new.  Photography is always evolving and changing so why stop learning now?!  This is a hands on workshop, so you will not sit in a corner and feel overwhelmed afraid to ask questions. We will sit with each one of you and talk about your equipment and what you want to photograph and how to make your snapshots become photographs you  want  to hang on your walls.   Don’t wait another year to take this class.

 JJWORKSHOPINFO   (download full PDF)



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