Nicki & Hutch – Chetek, WI Wedding Photographer

I couldn’t be happier posting images from Nicki &  Hutch’s wedding day. They were a breeze to photograph in every sense of the word. It was very hard for me to narrow them down for this post. When people are truly happy, it shows through every photo, whether given direction or not. I probably didn’t need to tell them what to do, they created photographic magic just being near each other.  Nicki, thank you for putting trust in a girl from high school to shoot your wedding.  It was very cool to see you so beautiful and so totally in love. And to get to take pictures, well that was just the icing on the cake. Congrats to you both, keep in touch!


Another something exciting from this wedding…my dear friends, Al & Richard were Nicki’s florists, and they did not dissapoint! (715-868-4433)



This wedding was also a family affair. My mom (Just Friends Catering) made the food. It was excellent as always.

I’ll end with a photo that really represents Nicki & Hutch together. Him always with his arm around her and kissing her forehead.

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