Kayla & Troy- the proposal

I have never photographed a proposal. ever.  Of course I wanted to, but have never been given the opportunity until I talked to my friend, Troy, who happens to be dating my sister-in-law, Kayla. I mentioned to him I should take some photos of them together, just for fun, and he mentioned he should propose during the shoot. Huh? WHAT!  GREAT IDEA.  I told Kayla I wanted to take their pictures, she said yes, asked Troy if he would, and he said yes : ). We were set to shoot on Sunday morning.  Kayla picked the location, Troy told me to stall and shoot for about 20 minutes before he got down on one knee, and the rest is history. They are happy, engaged, and have photos to prove it! I’m so happy I could be there for two amazing people who mean so much to me and my family!  Love and happiness to you both xoxoxo

Click HERE to watch the slideshow. Many thanks to JD Fisher Midwest Entertainment for finishing it up by adding the music!

A few people have asked me why she had her back to him. Well, in order to set up the shoot, I just told Kayla to stand there and look toward the trees. Just as she did, Troy got down on one knee and took it from there. I stayed way back and clicked my camera away without disturbing that moment.

LOVE this shot below. Real happiness.

Kayla’s sister, Brooke, was waiting in the parking lot to run up and surprise her. Love this shot of sisterly love!

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