Taylor + Zach – Eau Claire wedding photographer

Gosh, I loved photographing this wedding. Great weather, loved the church, and the bride, Taylor styled it perfectly. It was elegant and very fitting to the locations they chose. We started at the church and did the majority of the photos right there or across the street at a little park. The light at this park was hands down the best light I’ve had this year. I was oooo-ing and awwhhh-ing over every picture I took. Yes, I realize I obsessed over photographing Taylor, but how could I not? She looked stunning. Cathedral length veils are my absolute favorite. Brent Douglas created her flower arrangements. She just told him to do his thing….and he did it. Beautifully! I love it when brides just trust the artist they’ve hired and leave it to them to put their talent to work.

Taylor also had Vera Wang shoes. I want need these flats!Thanks guys, for giving us the biggest laugh of the year. Seriously, we had tears streaming down our faces, it was that funny!

2 thoughts on “Taylor + Zach – Eau Claire wedding photographer

  1. Beautiful fairy tale. Such a lovely bride/ Flowers were fabulous and the shoes were unbelievable. Love you Taylor. Outstanding photos can’t wait for more. What can I say just BEAUTIFUL.

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