Life and Style – GIVEAWAY

I’m excited to (finally) do a GIVEAWAY! If you have had your photos taken by me, and were referred by someone,  I’d like to know who it is! All you have to do is comment on this blog post, on facebook,  or email me (  Just type the person’s name(s) [ YES, you can type more than one name if more than one person sent you my way!] Keep in mind….. just by seeing someone’s photos I took on their facebook page, and liking them enough to contact me to photograph for you, totally counts as a referral. You can also list a business name if you were referred by another business.

When I tally up the names, the individual who was listed the most will get a totally fabulous present! Want to know what it will be?  Well, you’ll have to wait. I’m going to give the winner some options so this gift is EXACTLY what he or she wants and is useful too! This will close on Sunday (11/27 at 10:00pm)


One thought on “Life and Style – GIVEAWAY

  1. Hi jodee!

    We were kind of referred by Mel & Curt House, if that counts.. But we wanted you because you’re awesome!

    Ben & Rachel

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