Fundraiser at Klinger Farms – Life and Style Photography

Every year at Klinger Farms gets better and better. The food was out of this world amazing and the greenhouses are overflowing with beautiful plants and flowers. The kindest people I know dedicate so much of their lives to raising money for special needs children. Yesterday they announced that with events like this, they’ve raised just shy of $100,000. That’s amazing! If you’ve followed my blog, you know I’m talking about Al & Richard. Just Friends Catering donated their time creating  the lunch & desserts and I think every person who came would vouch for how incredible it tasted. Here’s a peek at the dessert bar. Head over to Just Friends on facebook and see more photos. Happy Friday everyone.

Before dessert, there was lunch. I am such a fan of a nice light lunch, plus it leaves room for lots of dessert! My mom’s partner, Mary put on this beautiful display. The salad was so good I went back for seconds.

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