Megan + Brad (Janesville, WI Wedding)

HOW WE MET Megan– I remember meeting Brad in September 2004 in a bowling alley through mutual friends, I remember being completely enamored with his smile and laugh.  He was the happiest, most carefree person I had ever met and I knew he was someone special. Brad– I remember meeting Megan in March 2005 in the same bowling alley at a birthday party for a mutual friend. I remember her being the most cute and innocent little thing I had ever seen.

THE PROPOSAL Brad decided to take me to a small town on the Mississippi River on November 4th 2010. We visited Buena Vista Park which is a bluff that overlooks a preservation on the river, we took pictures and walked around this gorgeous park, afterward we went home and made dinner together for the first time. After we made dinner and were about to eat Brad was fidgeting with something and I was wondering what he was doing.  Brad turned around and had the biggest smile on his face. He came over, got down on one knee and told me “these have been the best 3 years of my life, I have grown so much with you, I love you, I hope to grow together for the rest of our lives, will you marry me?” It was absolutely perfect and I couldn’t have asked for something better.



MOST FUN PART Spending so much time with my mom planning.  It was great creating something together and being able to get her input on everything.

COLORS I decided on the colors because I knew we wanted a vintage 60s theme and my favorite colors are pink and sea foam green. The green turned to more of a blue through the process.


THE DRESS I knew I wanted sleeves. I knew I wanted lace. This combination was very difficult to find. We ended up going with my cousin to shop for homecoming dresses. Since we were already at the shop we decided I should try on some too.  I actually was sick and had a fever so after we decided it was “the one” and paid for it I forgot what it looked like! Luckily, the second viewing I still loved it : )

BRIDE REMEMBERS MOST  I remember seeing Brad during our first look and how excited I was. I get butterflies in my stomach every time I think about it!



WOULD WE HAVE DONE ANYTHING DIFFERENTLY  I would not have changed a thing- I married my best friend and our day was perfect.

UNIQUE TO US We incorporated bicycles into several parts of our wedding. The invitations and the guest “book” are a couple of places we used bikes.  Brad is an avid cyclist and I try to go with him as much as I can. It is something we both enjoy spending time together doing.

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