Anne Marie & Ryan – Fanny Hill, Eau Claire Wedding Photography

I had not met Ryan before their wedding. Anne Marie and I met in the spring to discuss her wedding plans, but I had not photographed them before. There is always a level of concern for me whenever I don’t get the opportunity to work with the couple during an engagement session. I must say, I worried for nothing. Anne Marie & Ryan were great in front of the camera & while the camera wasn’t on them as well.  Congratulations to you both and best wishes for lots of  fun memories in your new home!

The (above) photo is of Anne Marie receiving a special necklace from her parents. The (below) photo, I love for two reasons: I love a blusher veil and I can just feel the level of anticipation on both their faces.

Did you notice how unique Anne Marie’s bouquet is? She designed it herself and had a local florist put it together.