Twins! {kids}

These images may take some time to load..there are 13 to share from this fun session.  If you have followed my will remember Brook (my oldest childhood friend) and their daughter, Paisley.  Well, their family was blessed with twin boys 3 months ago!  Here’s a sneak peek at these little darlings….

I had to laugh when Brook said to me ” Do you know how stressful picture day is??”  Oh yeah. I know.  Sort of.  Photo sessions with my kids last about 10 minutes.  I’m lucky I can do a photo session just about any day.  So, I appreciate the work you parents (especially) MOM’s put into getting the kids ready and in the right mood!  I love this picture (below) because seriously…..when you have kids, especially more than  one…..what are the odds everyone would be happy at the same time??  

Brook and I were about Paisley’s age (2) when we became friends.  We’re hoping for the same thing for our daughters!

 And Layla…..with the boys.  I have to take these pictures whenever I can….you never know.. someday…..we could be showing this off at their wedding! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Twins! {kids}

  1. I must say they are beautiful. I love the one with the family. That is life. You do a great job with the kids and taking their pictures.

    Grandma Bonnie

  2. These pictures are so beautiful!!! Brook…you have a beautiful family…just as I imagined 🙂

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