Out of office…

We lost a dear sweet lady on Thursday. Taya’s great Grandma Pat gave us all a lot of love and attention, but she had a special bond with Taya.  We’ll miss seeing the two together, and I’ll especially miss listening to the phone conversations Taya would have daily with Grandma.  There were many nights Taya would be afraid of the dark and we’d be at our wits end with trying to get her to bed, so we would dial up Pat and she would sit and listen to Taya until she fell asleep.  She was such a part of our daily lives that even yesterday on our way home from a wedding, my husband and I both thought for a minute, let’s call Pat and Chuck…. It’s a great loss for our family, but we’re so happy we had the time we did with her. 

Today was going to be the start of our first EVER family vacation!!  Plans have changed, but I am still going to be off for most of the week to enjoy my family and spend some time on the lake. I also have a senior session and a wedding to blog about soon….. stay tuned!!

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