2011 Wedding Recap

Thank you clients, friends & family who I photographed in 2011. It was a very memorable year, in so many good ways.  I am incredibly lucky to have such a great support system.  You’ve all contributed to my evolution as an artist/photographer and couldn’t have created half of the images I did with out you working right along side me, standing in the freezing cold, rain, heat,  wind (it’s Wisconsin, right?!) listening to me talking a hundred miles an hour about what I want you to do for a photo. I hope you all felt it was worth it.  This has been my favorite year of photography to date and I’m really looking forward to learning some more at the Vegas convention with some new photography friends.  I have a hefty list of goals for 2012, most related to photography: creating a boutique studio, editing less, hiring HELP!,  and taking a honeymoon with my husband. It’s been five years, and we are soooo incredibly overdue for one.  Below is a little montage of 2011’s weddings. Click on the photo to view each blog post from their big day.  Happy New Year!

Queen of the Castle & 100,000 hits

Shannon (editor of Queen of the Castle Magazine) contacted me a few months ago about photographing their October Cover.  I was thrilled but also had no idea what to expect as they draw their cover models from their Facebook page.  Diane was this months selection and we had such a great time during the shoot. You can read more about both of us & this shoot on pages 5, 10, 24-25 of the magazine.  It’s fun as a photographer to get out of my normal routine and do something new.  Also….. at some point yesterday I reached 100,000 visits to my blog.  THANK YOU always to the people who take the time out of their day to look at the photos of the wonderful people I photograph. Each client is important to me and I’m always happy to share their sessions with you. 

cover shot – click on photo to read the magazine.

Questions about Copyright

I’ve thought about doing a post about this topic many times, because I think as a small business owner and a photographer, it’s my job to educate my clients on what is acceptable, ok, and legal to do with your photos.  Most of my clients purchase the copyrights to their photos. Along with the CD comes a release form. That release form states:

I (clients name) understand that these photographs will be used only for the personal enjoyment
of my clients and will not be used for other commercial purposes other than the
listed above without my personal consent.

These clients are free to print photos, books, calendars, burn an additional disc to give to a friend, basically anything under the sun–they can do. They already PAID for the release. The only thing I would like to be asked about, is if a photo I took is going to be used for a commercial purpose.  

If a client of mine chooses not to purchase the copyrights to the photos, but rather purchases prints or does not place an order and then chooses to take a photo from my blog or facebook page and print it… Well that is against the law.  I know in a digital world, it may not seem like a big deal, but trust me,  to the person who it’s being stolen from – it is a big deal.

If you have printed a photo I took and have not paid for it, please throw it away and contact me about ordering it.

What you can do with your photos that are shared on facebook & the blog –

Share them on Facebook.  Make them your profile photo. Tag yourself. Email the link to your friends. As long as they stay in the digital world and are not made into hard copy, I’m pretty much ok with anything!

My clients are all wonderful people. If they have printed a photo illegally, I am willing to bet, it’s just because they did not know it wasn’t OK.  This post is not meant to worry or offend anyone. It’s simply meant to educate the do’s and don’ts of professional photography in the digital world.

Because no post is complete without a photo – my girls enjoying the fruit of our apple tree : )

Landon – eau claire children’s photographer

Meet Landon–a super adorable one year old. I photographed his mom when she was pregnant and I was so happy to finally meet him a couple weeks ago. LOVED his polka dot diaper cover!


Also, don’t forget about our photography WORKSHOP being held July 17th @ the Florian Gardens! Last chance to register, only three spots available!! I’m getting so excited!

Email me for more info: jodee@lifeandstylephotography.com


81,000 thank you’s

I logged onto my blog this afternoon and discovered I have had 81,000 visits since I started in August of 2009. Wow, wow, wow! Thank you!! Seriously, I feel incredibly honored to have earned the attention of frequent blog visitors. There are many days I work alone at my computer, typing, uploading and editing, wondering who looks at this.  So, whoever you are, thank you again for your interest in my life and photography. If you’ve been following since 2009 you know a lot has changed.  My family has grown, and we have two fiesty little girls that keep us forever on our toes, we completely renovated our home and built a studio (that eeeks…still have yet to finish painting..), and I started a new division of Life & Style named Life & Style Kids.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed each year, visiting with my returning clients and getting to know each new one that crosses my path.  You all make my job so incredibly rewarding there are many days I have to pinch myself that this is for real. I have many exciting blogs coming soon, so stay-tuned~

{vintage} inspired

 This shoot was dreamed up in my mind after a conversation I had with Amanda while shooting a wedding last year at the Florian Gardens. I was telling her about this cute dj ( Midwest Entertainment ) I met named J.D. and she grinned and said, that’s my boyfriend! It wasn’t until I conned my husband into sitting down and watching The Notebook with me that I got the idea to do a vintage-styled shoot. They just had the right look for it. While, Brent didn’t make it through the entire movie, he did totally agree with me about them.  A few weeks later and we had the date picked out and Amanda was totally on board with me. She styled this herself, shopping at Unique Vintage to find that great dress, and picked out a suit that JD already owned to wear. Although, he also never made it through watching The Notebook (he fell asleep:)…he was a great sport for doing this.  I can’t  thank them enough for seeing my vision so perfectly!  (Another post of their downtown photos to come tomorrow!) To view some more photos from this half of the session click here.

Just Friends catering – Klinger Luncheon

Yesterday I attended the annual Klinger Farm luncheon hosted by Al Miller and Richard La Belle, raising funds for Westlake and for the Shane Jenness Special Needs Fund.  Richard and Al have dedicated a large part of their lives to Shane, and have created a special fund in Shane’s honor to help other families with special needs children. Shane won’t personally be benefiting from this fund, but he does attend Westlake where I heard yesterday that Al & Richard have helped raise over $90,000 for their facility.  Despite the winter like weather, the turn out was great! The greenhouses at Klingers were beautiful and every one enjoyed tours and spectacular food! My mom (Connie) and her business partner Mary (Just Friends Catering) made the meal. My mom created the dessert buffet and Mary made the lunch.  They had a door prize for anyone who could guess how many sticks of butter went into the desserts…..Taya guessed three.  She was only off by 50 🙂  Yep. 53 sticks of butter. But, it was sooo good anyway.


I was gone to Las Vegas this past week attending WPPI. I went with an agenda to learn about workflow management, pricing, and outsourcing.  Those areas I find as constant struggles in my business.  I find myself spending days trying to figure it out. I thought I would go to Vegas, sit in a class and scribble down notes as to how to do all this.  Although, I did get some great ideas, I found the most compelling classes were by those who spoke briefly on those topics and then moved into the heart of why they are photographers.  I went to WPPI with Jared Anderson (jaredleellc.com) and he told me to just bring a notebook. No camera. I am so glad I listened to him.  There were about 17,000 other photographers there as well, and those who brought their cameras to class-clicking a picture of every slide-I doubt felt the impact of the words the speaker was conveying to us.  I feel inspired and excited to really dig my heels in on my 2011 work.    There are a few things on my agenda, a couple that I will wait to share with you, but one idea I have been toying with for a while now. I have been asked a few times about hosting a workshop about photography. I really dismissed the idea because I know I have so much to learn myself.  WPPI made me realize we are all still learning.  None of us do it perfectly. I know I certainly don’t, but I have spent the last 10 years learning by trial and error and listening to those who know a little more than me.  This workshop would be for anyone who likes photography, has a camera and wants to learn how to use it to take compelling photographs.  I would be teaming up with another photographer to teach a one day class. If you have any interest – please email me with what you would like to learn, (  jodee@lifeandstylephotography.com ) while we get the details worked out.


Meet Nevena. She’s our sponsored child from Haiti. She lives in an orphanage in the mountains of Kenscoff outside of Port-au-Prince.  Like those of you who anxiously await your photos from your wedding or portrait sessions, I have been just as eager to see a picture of this little girl.  I was thrilled when our mail came today and I could feel the hardness of the print in the envelope.  I sent the money from my February 2010 sessions (where profits were donated), and waited  for a name and a photo of the girl we would sponsor.  I’m happy to introduce her to you.  I will continue to share any news I receive about her and her life.  THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart to those of you who came in February/2010 to have your photos taken.  I hope to someday make the trip to Haiti to take a picture of her myself.

Her story:

Nevena is 11 years old.  She was adopted after being abandoned in a Hospital in Haiti.  Her adoptive mother’s economic situation is unstable and she could no longer care for Nevena after the earthquake last January. She turned Nevena over to the orphanage in hope that she will have a better life.