Zoey & friends {Eau Claire children’s photographer}

Mmmmmm……ice cream cake……..The last time we saw Zoey, she was about 6 weeks old. She’s now 15 months and has the cutest personality!

We got to visit with lots of old friends on Sunday.  All of us have kids now, so it’s fun to see them all play together.  However, It’s NOT at all easy to get 10 little kids together for a picture….oh well. 🙂 They’re all cute anyway!

3 thoughts on “Zoey & friends {Eau Claire children’s photographer}

  1. Jodee, what great shots! Looks like a fun time for all! Girlfriends pic is adorable…. I am interested in ordering a couple of them…maybe the black and white one of Zoey and then one of her on the chair. How would I go about doing this? Carolyn Lichty

  2. Jodee, I’m sure you are way busy but guess Josh and Kristin haven’t received the jpegs from Zoey’s pics. Is there a way to send to our email address? I have a project in mind and may need to order a professional grade print. Enjoy these gorgeous fall days. Thanks. Carolyn

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