Easton {Eau Claire, Wisconsin childrens photographer}

Easton turns One this month. His mom and dad are my friends, so my family stopped over to see him on Sunday and got his one year session done. They have a beautiful horse ranch, so I knew there would be plenty of area for great photo-ops. I love the first one. I think it represents Easton’s mom and dad…mom for her horses in the background and Dad for the Chi-Hi Hockey stick sitting behind Easton.

I just smile when I look at the {below} picture. Easton is a lot like Layla.  If you are not doing something funny, they both have  pretty serious expressions on their faces.  So, you have to work hard to get the big giggles…..in this one, Dad was punching himself in the face and Easton loved it!

I want to start another business…….Cute dog photography…. sounds like fun, right?!!  I just think they all look hilariously cute.  I mean, come on. How can you not LOVE that face? 🙂 This is Bentley.  Say Hi!

We went on our family vacation with Easton and his parents…so we did some photos while we were there. 

Check out Easton’s party invite…

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