Meet Nevena. She’s our sponsored child from Haiti. She lives in an orphanage in the mountains of Kenscoff outside of Port-au-Prince.  Like those of you who anxiously await your photos from your wedding or portrait sessions, I have been just as eager to see a picture of this little girl.  I was thrilled when our mail came today and I could feel the hardness of the print in the envelope.  I sent the money from my February 2010 sessions (where profits were donated), and waited  for a name and a photo of the girl we would sponsor.  I’m happy to introduce her to you.  I will continue to share any news I receive about her and her life.  THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart to those of you who came in February/2010 to have your photos taken.  I hope to someday make the trip to Haiti to take a picture of her myself.

Her story:

Nevena is 11 years old.  She was adopted after being abandoned in a Hospital in Haiti.  Her adoptive mother’s economic situation is unstable and she could no longer care for Nevena after the earthquake last January. She turned Nevena over to the orphanage in hope that she will have a better life.

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