on facebook…………………………finally!

Yup. It’s official. Life & Style Photography is officially on Facebook!  You can click here  to check it out and  “like”  it if you do, and want to be updated on specials and freebies I will be giving away to my very awesome clients!  I’ve had a lot of people ask me why I wasn’t on FB before and well………..I LOVE blogs.  I have a personal FB account, and didn’t want to start a business page because I was afraid that  my blog would start to get neglected. I have made a promise to it that I would never neglect it! This blog is my baby and I will still post here first. I will post additional images of sessions on my brand new FB page, and will also do give-aways too!!!  I’m excited to finally do this….and it is one more think I can cross of my list for 2011. 

Since every post needs a photo – I thought I would share this one.  It was not my idea, but rather the Bride (Heather) asked me to photograph this shot because she liked her husband’s (Jared) version of it he took of another wedding couple.  When I snapped the photo, I really didn’t think much of it. It wasn’t until I was looking back through the photos I had edited that I came across it and busted out laughing. There is a lot going on, but my favorite is the look of total disgust on Heather’s brother’s face (guy standing, to the left of Heather)..  I think it will be one of those pictures you either love or hate.   Anything that makes me laugh, I LOVE.

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