Jenna + Ben

When you meet Jenna & Ben, you just know they have been together a long time.  Their personalities gel in the way that one could stop talking and the other could pick up the conversation without missing a beat.  Their movements are fluid together making it a total breeze to photograph them.  I look forward to later in the summer when we don’t have the limitations of the snow and bitter cold and I can see these two in action with their wedding attire on.   They have booked my most coveted Saturday for 2011. 8.20.11.  It seems that every other email I receive is a bride or groom wanting to know if I have it available!  I am happy that I can turn the work away knowing that I scored a really awesome couple.   You can see these photos and more by clicking here on Facebook.

{ If they get 20 comments on our facebook page they receive a free 11×14 of their choice!}

24 thoughts on “Jenna + Ben

  1. I enjoyed seeing Ben & Jenna’s engagement pictures and can’t wait to see how their wedding pictures turn out in August. They are a fun couple to be around because they both have great personalities. It will be nice to meet you in August–Nancy

  2. I love that you got them taken in the winter–the snow adds so much to the pictures! 🙂 They look wonderful!

  3. Great photos. We never get to see the winter outdoor scenes for an engagment. Wonderfull idea! Great couple.

  4. Love the pictures Ben & Jenna, they are adorable! I love the wedding date too, same as ours! Can’t wait for the wedding!!

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