Nicole & Tyler {wedding}

  I was nervous on the drive down to this wedding. The sky was dark and the rain was steady. It was late October and I was really hoping the wedding party would be cool about going out into the wet & cold.  I was so very happy when I met up with Nicole at the salon and she was totally happy and relaxed. She said she WOULD GET HER DRESS WET.  After all, you wear it once.  Her demeanor put me at ease.  The entire day just flowed and to our luck, the rain did subside after the ceremony and we were able to stop at a park and have a lot of fun.  The fresh rain made the little color that was left outside vibrant, and in some pictures, it still looks like early fall.    

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Tyler was such a surprise at the dance.  I heard the DJ announce that he would have to DANCE for the garter.  I actually felt nervous for him.  I had only spent the day with him, but he seemed smart, polite and even kind of shy.  There was no way in my mind he was a dancer.  And Oh-my-goodness I was wrong.  He was an incredible dancer! I could  just feel the crowd closing in on him to get a better look!  Every time I hear the song that was played for that dance my face breaks out in a smile thinking about how much fun it was to witness. 

The day was not without mishap.  We arrived at the reception to find the cake half it’s size.  Yep, it was not properly enforced and the tiers just slid off of each other.  They salvaged what they could, and I still think every one enjoyed a piece of it!

See these photos are more on our FACEBOOK page!!!

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