twins {turn one}

These twin boys are turning one next weekend!  I photograhed them at three months, and briefly again during a family session when they were six months.  It’s always great to see their development progress in pictures.  These two boys can walk around now, so it was just a matter of keeping them both contained enough to get some pictures together.  Having little chairs and a white couch in the studio sure helps! Kids love to climb on them.  Dad brought his guitar too so the boys had some fun with that, and it was Mom’s idea to bring the ties and I must say – I LOVED it. { Mom – save the ties, because when they are 18 we’ll have to take a picture  of the boys wearing them again 🙂  }  It was good to see you all!  Check out these photos and more of them on our FACEBOOK page.

I love, love, love this photo below.

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