destination wedding photographer [Jamaica]

Amy called me about six months before her wedding day and said they’ve decided to cancel their Eau Claire wedding and head to Jamaica to get married. I didn’t say it to her, but I was secretly wishing I could go with them! I wished them a great trip and hung up the phone. About two hours later I got an email from her asking if I’d like to join them!  A couple months later I had a plane ticket!  I had a lot of sleepless nights thinking about this trip…traveling alone, leaving my kids, the equipment,  memory cards, the airport….For months I had envisioned arriving in Jamaica and having to get into a rickety old cab alone for a two hour drive to the resort.  I STRESSED about this drive.  Every worry I had about this trip was for nothing. It was one of the BEST EXPERIENCES I’ve ever had as a photographer, and with the greatest couple!!!  There was no rickety old cab. There was a tour bus, and the worry about my memory cards going through xray – well I bought a photobank and it was worth every penny.  I loved this wedding  so much that I want to photograph more destination weddings! It’s affordable too.  Contact me if you are planning a get-away wedding 🙂

I arrived at Breeze’s Resort around 5:00pm and met everyone on the beach. I loved them all!! I had my camera in hand already and snapped a few shots of Amy & Channing at sunset….

[ see these photos and many more on our FACEBOOK page! ]

The next day was a day of relaxing on the beach.  We did a little snorkeling and we all laid in the sun…..maybe a little too much 🙂 The morning of the wedding, some of us were a little burnt. That is probably an understatement.  Clothes hurt to touch my skin. 

Amy and Channing were married in the morning. It was breezy and sunny!  They chose to get married in the chapel that overlooks the ocean.  I fell in love with this little building…..and got quite obsessed with another old building next to the resort the day of the wedding!

[ the next few photos were taken the following week back in EC at the Metropolis for their reception ]

The morning after their wedding, we woke up to rain.  Amy & Channing and I agreed to do one more mini shoot on the beach at 6:30 a.m.  before I had to fly out. We met for coffee and just waited a bit to see if it would let up – and it did! It turned out to be my favorite shoot of the trip!

 A MILLION THANK YOU’S to Amy & Channing for having me come and photograph your special day! I loved every minute of it!!

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