I was gone to Las Vegas this past week attending WPPI. I went with an agenda to learn about workflow management, pricing, and outsourcing.  Those areas I find as constant struggles in my business.  I find myself spending days trying to figure it out. I thought I would go to Vegas, sit in a class and scribble down notes as to how to do all this.  Although, I did get some great ideas, I found the most compelling classes were by those who spoke briefly on those topics and then moved into the heart of why they are photographers.  I went to WPPI with Jared Anderson ( and he told me to just bring a notebook. No camera. I am so glad I listened to him.  There were about 17,000 other photographers there as well, and those who brought their cameras to class-clicking a picture of every slide-I doubt felt the impact of the words the speaker was conveying to us.  I feel inspired and excited to really dig my heels in on my 2011 work.    There are a few things on my agenda, a couple that I will wait to share with you, but one idea I have been toying with for a while now. I have been asked a few times about hosting a workshop about photography. I really dismissed the idea because I know I have so much to learn myself.  WPPI made me realize we are all still learning.  None of us do it perfectly. I know I certainly don’t, but I have spent the last 10 years learning by trial and error and listening to those who know a little more than me.  This workshop would be for anyone who likes photography, has a camera and wants to learn how to use it to take compelling photographs.  I would be teaming up with another photographer to teach a one day class. If you have any interest – please email me with what you would like to learn, ( ) while we get the details worked out.

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