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This post is inspired by my upcoming brides who have emailed and called lately to ask my advice on their attire for their weddings. There are so many details to think about and I’m totally flattered they wanted my opinion! But, remember, it is just my opinion, totally ignore it if you would like!  It is your wedding and each and every detail is up to you.

#1 – Shoes. Ohhh shoes. I really thought my husband and I had come up with a million dollar idea on how to deal with heels sinking in the grass, turns out someone else thought of it a year before us.  I totally get that you want stunning stiletto’s, but please PLEASE remember, you will be walking, standing, and possibly running, and it will not always be on pavement. We have our couples venture out in the grass or even more unforgiving terrain, so keep that in mind. Save the stiletto’s for the ceremony and find another cute pair of more conservative heels for the rest of the day. If you are still set on wearing your stiletto’s all day, then check out this site:  It will help keep your heels out of the dirt.

 #2- Veils.  Not sure if you want to have a veil? If you are on the fence about it- just buy it. They are soooooo fantastic for pictures, especially the longer (cathedral) length. I cannot tell you how much I love a photo where the wind catches the veil just right and it billows up around the bride! 

#3- Lashes. So this may not be something I get asked about a lot,  but  many brides do not consider adding false lashes or doing lash extensions. I know mascara can do a great job, but by adding lashes you get even more emphasis to your eye with out the hardness of mascara. Plus, weddings are highly emotional days and many tears may be shed!  Things like lashes and make up are meant to enhance what you already have! I didn’t even think about it before my own wedding reception, but my sister (she’s a stylist) brought some along for me and I’m so happy she did.   

#4- The Dress-fitting.  I’m sure 99% of brides go in for alterations on their wedding dresses, mostly for hemming along the bottom.  Make sure to pay close attention to how it fits along the top as well. Walk around in it, sit, lean over, so you know it’s all fitting the way you would like it to.  I have really never seen a wedding dress look too tight, but I have definitely seen it too big on top. Make sure it fits snug in the  right places and the fits the way you want it to across the chest. 

#5-Rain.  I get asked all the time – What if it rains? My answer is usually something like, “We’ll get beautiful pictures with umbrellas then!” I am not just trying to make a bride feel better, all the while worrying about it myself. I really, honestly, have taken some of my favorite photos when the weather is less than ideal.  If it rains, the grass will look lush and green and you will have beautiful photos with umbrellas as long as you do not worry about the bottom of your dress getting a little wet.  I have found that if I am prepared I don’t worry as much. Be prepared. Buy cute umbrellas and rain boots  and I can guarantee you, you will have a good time!

 #6-A Dirty Dress.  Yes it’s true. Your dress may get a little dirty while we take photos and walk from location to location.  It is always very minimal, and I’m sure nobody notices, but if you are concerned about it, using a toothbrush with a little baking soda and water will take just about any thing out.  I usually keep baby wipes with me and those work great too. Another cover-up is white chalk.  The photo below was taken near evening after the bride had been walking around a park on a rainy day for a couple hours. As you can see it’s still just the bottom edge that is dirty. By that time in the day, who really cares! It’s time for the party! 

Like I already said, these are all just my own observations. These ideas are meant to help ease some stress and possibly help you make some decisions if you are still unsure on what to do.  Enjoy the rest of your planning, wedding season will be in full swing in no time. I’m so excited!!

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