2011 wedding couples

Hi to all my 2011 wedding couples! 

I will be emailing you as your wedding date approaches (and you’ve finalized your plans) to get some more details if you have not already shared them with me. I want to know as much as you are willing to share! Tell me about your colors, flowers, dresses, shoes, and any special touches you’ve added along the way.  I also want to know one more thing that I have not asked for in the past-I want to know what your song is.  I seem to feel the most creative and inspired during my daily run and I would love to buy your wedding song and add it to my ipod so I can think about you and your wedding day photography.  It may seem silly, but it’s all part of the art of creative photography – needing time to think and get in tune with the job ahead.    Wishing you all a Happy Easter weekend! -Jodee 

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