Life & Style Kids – vintage shoot

I’ve been wanting to photograph Harper since the day I met her, she just has that perfect vintage baby look.  I mentioned the idea to her mom, Christa, and she ran with it. The swimsuit was made by her talented sister and she bought Tayte’s hat in the cities.  We went to the Chetek Beach near sunset and just had a blast letting the kids be kids.  I’m so grateful for Christa’s help this summer. She watched our girls on Saturday’s while we were gone photographing weddings. The girls had so much fun, and it was such a relief to be able to focus 100% of my attention on my clients and know my kids were in good hands.  Christa is also Taya’s teacher this year, so I’m sucking up to her by doing this post on the first day of school  🙂  WordPress is being funny today and won’t let me post more photos, so go to our facebook page to see more!!

Tayte looking so handsome!

I LOVE this photo (below)



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