Queen of the Castle & 100,000 hits

Shannon (editor of Queen of the Castle Magazine) contacted me a few months ago about photographing their October Cover.  I was thrilled but also had no idea what to expect as they draw their cover models from their Facebook page.  Diane was this months selection and we had such a great time during the shoot. You can read more about both of us & this shoot on pages 5, 10, 24-25 of the magazine.  It’s fun as a photographer to get out of my normal routine and do something new.  Also….. at some point yesterday I reached 100,000 visits to my blog.  THANK YOU always to the people who take the time out of their day to look at the photos of the wonderful people I photograph. Each client is important to me and I’m always happy to share their sessions with you. 

cover shot – click on photo to read the magazine.

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