Susan + Zach – Life and Style Photography

So…December really didn’t look much like December this year. I was a tad bit bummed about the lack of snow, but after this little cold spell of “real” winter weather, I’m very thankful for the mild temperature Susan and Zach got for their wedding day.  It was still cold (trust me) but bearable for a few minutes at a time.  Honestly, it could have been 50 below with 100 mile an hour winds and I don’t think it would have diminished a thing for this couple on their wedding day.  They are just insanely happy people and it kind of filters in this big bubble around them.  We all had an incredible time. Their first look was in my top five too.  Big thanks to JD at Midwest Entertainment for provided the beautiful ambiance you see in the photos of the Metropolis. I’m telling you…….lighting is EVERYTHING when it comes to photography. I loved the pink accents. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Susan + Zach – Life and Style Photography

  1. You guys are such a beautiful Couple! Congrats to you both. I absolutely love the last picture! I agree with Andrea, it does look like a scene from a love story. I miss you both!

  2. To the most darling couple ever — Your pictures are beautiful. Suze, you were the most beautiful bride. And Zach – the most handsome groom. What a couple you are. I’m just so glad I was there with you to celebrate, to be a part of all the festivities. Looking forward to more pictures. I want to hear all about Estes Park too.

    Love and Kisses Aunt Linda

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