2011 Wedding Recap

Thank you clients, friends & family who I photographed in 2011. It was a very memorable year, in so many good ways.  I am incredibly lucky to have such a great support system.  You’ve all contributed to my evolution as an artist/photographer and couldn’t have created half of the images I did with out you working right along side me, standing in the freezing cold, rain, heat,  wind (it’s Wisconsin, right?!) listening to me talking a hundred miles an hour about what I want you to do for a photo. I hope you all felt it was worth it.  This has been my favorite year of photography to date and I’m really looking forward to learning some more at the Vegas convention with some new photography friends.  I have a hefty list of goals for 2012, most related to photography: creating a boutique studio, editing less, hiring HELP!,  and taking a honeymoon with my husband. It’s been five years, and we are soooo incredibly overdue for one.  Below is a little montage of 2011’s weddings. Click on the photo to view each blog post from their big day.  Happy New Year!

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