Post wedding shoot.

I really dislike the term Trash the Dress. Yet, I cannot come up with a new name for a post-wedding shoot. Any ideas? I have no interest in destroying someone’s wedding dress.  I am interested in doing a post wedding shoot that is relaxed and casual and has a little different element than the wedding day.   This is a shoot meant for my couples who want to have a little fun after the wedding, maybe had two styles in mind for their wedding day and want to have some fun with both. . . AND are interested in collaborating with me to make their wedding into a magazine spread. Kayla and Troy could not catch a break for weather. Their wedding day was freezing and their post-wedding shoot was just as cold…..but it gave me exactly what I wanted. VARIETY.  Two styles that compliment each other to merge together in a magazine. (I’ll have more information about the magazine coming out soon!)

Do you need to do this session in order to order a magazine of your wedding? No, but I do really like the look of it. If you think you might want to schedule a shoot: I would suggest doing it within two weeks after your wedding, before you send your dress off to the cleaners. It’s casual, just like an engagement session. No need for the rented tux, have your hubby wear something he owns. 

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