Studio a.k.a The Sugar Shop

Visiting the tradeshow in Vegas and seeing the enormity of options for backdrops made me seriously consider buying some.  I visited booth after booth and found three simple cloths I could see using. THREE out of a few hundred! It made me realize props are just not my thing.  I will stay true to myself and my style of shooting by focusing on a child’s expression.  I thought I’d show you my most recent shoot of Taya. We spent 20 minutes upstairs, in front of one wall, with one lens and one reflector.  She got to pick out three shirts and boom, we had a full photo session. I can just see a wall collage coming out of this. I know I won’t get sick of the images because there isn’t anything busy about them.  I keep it simple because her expressions are so much more interesting than any backdrop I could find.  You might say she is easy to photograph because she belongs to me, but in reality, I use the same bribes on her as any other kid I photograph. There is a reason why I call my studio the Sugar Shop! A cupcake awaited her for cooperating.  

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