Family Photos – Life and Style Kids – Rice Lake, WI

One of my brides purchased gift certificates for her bridesmaids to get their families photographed! Such a great idea. This is one of them…I  photographed Tammy’s beautiful family on location.  It’s been a while since I’ve photographed “older” kids, and wow, this was so fun. I know we are all determined as parents to do family pictures when our kids are little (I’m one of them 🙂 ) but don’t forget to also do it when your kids are school age. The dynamic within this family was so fun and loving, I could have stayed much later and kept shooting.  

We started in front of their garage door (green background). For some reason, the light is ALWAYS amazing in front of a garage door.  Then we ventured to the lakeside before heading over to the field.

The kids were so cooperative….the dogs were another story 🙂 We tried, but they were too excited to be free to run outside to sit for pictures.

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