Addie [2yr old] Life and Style Kids

It’s wonderful on so many levels photographing kids as they grow up. I had the pleasure of photographing Addie for her newborn, six month, one year, and now two-year sessions. She has changed so much!  I’m always a little startled at how much a one-year-old-baby-girl turns into a little-lady by age two.  Addie is pretty darn smart, so she wasn’t falling for the treats, balloons or goofy faces.  She did respond with big smiles only when being thrown in the air, or when her mom was bouncing a beach ball on my head.  I LOVE the unpredictability of two-year olds.  They make you work for it, and that’s what makes this age so exhausting and so rewarding. Great to see you again – Grant, Terra & Addie! 

I had to include this out-take. HAHA, this is a more accurate portrayal of getting a family photo 😉 

P.S. Terra always brings along the cutest clothes & props. Loved all three of Addie’s little clothing changes.

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