Kate + TJ – Eau Claire Golf & Country Club Wedding

Wedding season is in full swing and I’m loving it! It’s time to start blogging about these great wedding days. I decided this year, to put the writing portion in the capable hands of my brides. I just sent Kate over a list of questions to answer and she kindly answered whichever questions she choose to. Kate & TJ were my first wedding this spring and I couldn’t be happier with how their day unfolded.  Despite rain, we had a great time and enjoyed the stunning light when the storm subsided around 6:30 that evening.  Enjoy the photos and the Q & A! (See more photos on our facebook page too!)

Were your wedding shoes comfortable to wear all day?

Yes!  I am a total shoe girl and my wedding shoes were a fun little present to myself.  I knew I wanted a fun pop of color and they were perfect for my something blue.  I usually wear higher heels, but I also love dancing so when looking, I went with a lower heel.  It was perfect, they still gave a little height, but also allowed my feet to groove all night.

What was your favorite thing about planning your wedding?

I had so much fun planning the wedding.  What I cherished most was being able to spend a lot of time with my mom, sisters and sister in law as they helped me out with difference projects.  With everyone being so busy, it was nice to have the “wedding” to get us together.

So, now that the day is done, what is your most vivid memory?

For TJ his most vivid memory was seeing his soon to be wife walking down the aisle.  We waited to see each other till that moment, so that walk was so memorable for us both.  As I walked down the nerves just went away.  I could feel the happiness and love radiating from all around me and I was walking towards my love; that was a great moment.

Is there anything you would have done differently?

Honestly our wedding was everything thing I planned it to be and so much more!  I had amazing vendors that went above and beyond and all the little details they added really made it magical.  During the time we were to take pictures, the rain came in and down poured, but we just waited and didn’t let it ruin our day.  We trusted Jodee and sure enough the backdrop that it created made for beautiful and unique photos!

Describe your wedding in five words.

Magical, Romantic, Fun, Warmth, Laughter

How did you meet?

We met when we both started working at Target Headquarters in downtown Minneapolis.  We were in the same training class and got to know each other for a couple months before we were placed in different parts of the company.  There was just something about TJ that intrigued me so I ended up being the one to ask him to hang out.  It’s crazy to look back on because I normally am shy about things like that so deep down I must have known our future to get the confidence to ask him.

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