Kesley + Michael – Osceola Wedding Photography

Kelsey and Michael were married a few weeks ago over in Osceola with a reception in Forest Lake, MN. It was at this wedding I took one of my favorite photos of my career. I can’t thank them enough for trusting me to sit in the dark in a car while it rained and I admitted I wasn’t sure if the picture would work. Thank you both for trusting me with your wedding day photos. Brent and I had a great time with your friends and family and wish you both many years of happiness! You can see these photos and more on our facebook page.

Like I mentioned in an earlier post, I’ve decided to leave the wedding day writing up to my capable brides. Here is a Q & A answered by Kelsey. Enjoy!

What was your favorite thing about planning your wedding? I really enjoyed having an excuse to call my mom everyday. I never knew specifically what wedding thing we needed to talk about but I figured there was something. She was my rock through it all!

How did you decide on the colors for your wedding? What were they? I am an extremely organized person and organize my life by color. Most people put things in alphabetical order, not me. My closet, clothes in drawers, shoes, dvds, etc. are all organized in to rainbow order colors. Because of this, there was no other option than to use every color and have little black dresses for my girls (which we bought at target for $13 each!). My favorite color is yellow which you may notice was not used. This was because I bought my bridesmaids bracelets from when we I traveled to Nicaragua and I could only find pink, orange, lime green, light blue, navy, and purple so yellow was out!

How did you meet? Michael and I met working as camp counselors at a church camp in Danbury, WI. We spent one week of the summer together for a few years before we started dating.

What was your first date like? This is a difficult question to answer. We went golfing (for my first time EVER) about a year before we even started dating but it was meant to be “a date” then out for ice cream afterwards. About one week after we actually started dating (the following summer) we went to a drive in movie in Eau Claire. Both were extremely fun dates and funny to look back on.

When did you know you wanted to marry him? I’m not sure if you heard my maid of honor’s speech but apparently I was saying “Kelsey Beaupre, Kelsey Beaupre, Kelsey Beaupre” long before I remember! It did not take long to realize he was definitely worth my time. We were best friends for about a year before we started dating and I couldn’t imagine letting another girl get to him before me. Once he FINALLY asked if I would date him, I pretty much knew.

How did he propose? The full story for this can be found on our website and would give you any details you may want so I’ll just give you the website.

Were your wedding shoes comfortable to wear all day?  I wore coral colored peep-toe heals and actually did not have a problem with them. I brought flip-flops for when we climbed down and up the 135 stairs to the Cascade waterfall in Osceola but other than that I was wearing my heels!

So, now that the day is done, what is your most vivid memory? We discussed this question and Michael said his most vivid memory was watching me walk down the isle. He said “I expected you to be beautiful when we did our first look, but watching you walk down the isle was totally different”. For me this question is hard to answer because I have a very detailed memory about events but my favorite memory was finally having him by my side for the entire day. For the past 6 months he has been in school, working, and running a business while I have been working 2 full-time jobs so we hardly ever saw each other. It was nice to not have to miss him.

What was the hardest thing to decide on while planning your wedding? The guest list was extremely difficult to figure out. You want everyone to celebrate your special day with you but it just doesn’t work out that way. The hall we used had a capacity of about 250 people which I thought would be plenty of guests but we really had to work hard to cut down our guest list which was a bummer.

Is there anything you would have done differently?  Michael and I both agreed the wedding was absolutely perfect but we would have loved to start the day earlier to cherish every possible minute!

Describe your wedding in five words.  Fun, colorful, entertaining, perfect, and happiness

How was the weather for your wedding? Did it affect your day? I remember being very excited for 10 days before the wedding because I could finally check the “10 day forecast” on The first time I checked it was supposed to rain, then the next day I checked it was supposed to be nice, etc. so I gave up checking the weather and figured I couldn’t change it anyways. The temperature was pretty warm but bearable because it was pretty windy. Once everyone reached the reception hall it down poured rain but I didn’t even know that until after the wedding when someone told me about it. You’re too happy to care about stuff like that.

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