Sarah + Pat – Eau Claire Wedding

What was the best part about planning your wedding day?

When Pat and I started planning our wedding we lived five hours apart. It was nice to have an excuse to get to see him almost every weekend after only seeing him every couple of weeks for a year and a half. Not to mention a great excuse for me to be in touch with my mom, sister, and my friends to get advice and to run ideas past them. I’m so thankful for all the help that they have given us!

What was the most memorable moment in for you? Pat?

I have two. One was when my parents were helping me get ready. My dad put on my necklace which was a very sweet moment for me and every time my mom looked at me we would giggle a tear up a little. The other one was when Pat and I exchanged our vows. It was such an exciting and happy moment for me.. we were finally getting married! 🙂

Pat had special cuff-links picked out but they unfortunately did not make it to the wedding and the pair from the rental place didn’t get packed either, so, like in Sarah’s example, Larry played a part in my experience.  Larry loaned me his cuff-links so that I would have a pair to wear for the day.  The other moment that stands out in my mind was the sharing of our “Love Story”.  It was fun hearing and seeing the reactions of our friends and family and of course that of Sarah.

How did Pat propose?

Pat and I went on vacation to Denver, Colorado. Pat propsed while we were there. It was amazing to be in the moutains and at such a beautiful place for such a precious memory.


How did you decide on your colors?

My favorite color is purple. Luckily, Pat and I agreed that it would be the main color of our wedding. We also wanted to incorporate green since it was spring. When Pat and I first started planning, we had a hard time explaining to each other what we had in mind. So, we went to a fabric store and find the colors that we saw in our heads and show each other. Turns out we were thinking about the same shades! 🙂 The swatches that we bought came in handy when trying to buy accessories for decorating too..

How many years have you and Pat been together?

Pat and I had been dating for seven years. We met our first year of college at UW-Stout and have been togeher ever since! 🙂

Is there anything you would have done differently now that the day is over?

Absolutly not! I think everything went very well. We had such great people around us which helped so much! It made our day that much more memorable! And even though it rained (a lot) we managed to get around and get everything done that needed to be done without too many issues.

What elements did you include in your day that are unique to you?

One large element that we included that was unique to us the use of my 1953  Chevy.  We have shared many memories in the car and it great to be able to include the car in our big day creating more special memories and providing an opportunity for great photos.

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