Lara + Mike – Lake Wissota Golf Course Wedding

How did you and your husband meet? How long have you beentogether?   We originally meet each other in college but never dated.  He lived in a house with 7 guys needless to say they had few parties.  We reconnected at a gas station on the way to Oktoberfest in La Crosse in 2005 and have been together ever since.


 How did he propose? At the farmer’s market on the capitol square in Madison on a Saturday morning while we were sitting on the capitol lawn drinking coffee and eating scones we had bought at our favorite stand. It was perfect and just right for us.


 What was the most fun part about planning your wedding?  Putting together our music playlist. We love to dance! Kaleidoscope Entertainment did an amazing job.


 How did you decide on your colors? I wanted something easy for the girls so I went with black and let the flowers do the talking.  I wanted really bright and vibrant colors so pink, orange and yellow were bright and springy.

 Did you find your wedding dress right away? Did you end upbuying what you initially had in mind or did you find a dress totallydifferent?  Yes I found a dress a year and half before the wedding.  I did end up buying a vintage inspired gown with lace which is what I wanted but I wasn’t expecting the bottom to be so flared but somehow it just worked.


 What do you remember most about your wedding day? Walking down the aisle and the crazy dance party!!

Now that the day is done, is there anything you would havedone differently?  I would have been in better health but otherwise no I would do it all over again.


What did you include in your wedding that is significant orunique to you as a couple? The song we walked down the aisle to was Sigur Ros and it was one of the first CDs Mike gave me to listen to on our first date and I gave him a Sufjan Stevens CD.  Our music was picked out very precisely from our favorite artists for the ceremony, dinner and the dance party.


Where your wedding shoes comfortable? YES!!! They are normally really expensive but I found a pair on recycled bride for a third of the price. I wore them all night, totally worth it.


Lake Wissota Golf and Events, Kaleidoscope Entertainment, Gypsy Florist Emily Dicks, Connie’s Cakeory

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