Carissa + Jason – Eau Claire Country Club

How did he propose?

He tricked me into thinking my best friend Sherri wanted to meet up for drinks at a fancy restaurant. So we went there for dinner first and while we were eating dinner I started pestering him with questions about if we ever get married. And then I finally said we’ll I don’t have a ring so it doesn’t matter so he took the ring out of his pocket and set it in front of me and said well will you? He thought because of all my questions I had figured out his plan for the night but I had no idea so for once in my life I was speechless and finally said yes 🙂

What was the most fun part about planning your wedding?

It was actually all pretty fun because I had so much help from my mom. I  would come up with an idea and she would go on the interent and find the best deal so I could have it for my wedding. It was so great bonding with her during the planning. I jsut wished I would have lived a little closer during the planning. At times it can get hard planning a wedding in WI from AZ. But thanks to my mom it wasn’t as bad as it could have been.

How did you decide on your colors?

My wedding was based around the flowers I wanted. I knew I wanted pink peonies so the date and colors were all based around when they were in season.  Ans I always loved the classic black and white look so deciding on colors was super easy for me.

Did you find your wedding dress right away? Did you end up buying what you initially had in mind or did you find a dress totally different?

My first trip to look at dresses was miserable. The workers weren’t helpful at all so I got pretty disappointed but then my mom, sister-in-law and nieces came out to visit and we went dress shopping and it was such a different experience.  I picked out a dress that was in the window of the shop when we first walked in and my mom kind of made a face at it but it was the first one I tried on and as soon as I had it on we all knew it was the one.  I tried a a few more jsut to be sure but nothing gave me that special feeling like the first one. So we ordered it that day and it was my perfect dress!

What do you remember most about your wedding day?

During our first look when I went up behind Jason I couldn’t wait for him to see me. He seemed so nervous when I was behind him and then when he turned and looked it was the best moment of the day. I knew by the way he looked at me that all the planning and work to get to this point was so worth it.

Now that the day is done, is there anything you would have done differently?

The only thing I would have done is tested bustling my dress before that day. This si because the seamstress forgot part of the bustle so that day we had to pin it up and it kept falling and eventually got torn because of it. Other than that there is nothing else I would change at all.

What did you include in your wedding that is significant or unique to you as a couple?The desserts that we had were unique because I am not a fan of cake so we didn’t go with the tradition and have a cake just because everyone says you need a wedding cake. We had what we would enjoy and it turns out everyone else enjoyed them too because they were amazing! Another thing that was really us were the chairs signs for Jason and I that were Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right. I am always telling Jason when are you going to learn I am always right so it fit us perfectly.

Where your wedding shoes comfortable? For the first 4 hours of standing they were but after that my feet were done.  But I had bought some flats to replace them because I figured they would hurt after a while..

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