{vintage} inspired

 This shoot was dreamed up in my mind after a conversation I had with Amanda while shooting a wedding last year at the Florian Gardens. I was telling her about this cute dj ( Midwest Entertainment ) I met named J.D. and she grinned and said, that’s my boyfriend! It wasn’t until I conned my husband into sitting down and watching The Notebook with me that I got the idea to do a vintage-styled shoot. They just had the right look for it. While, Brent didn’t make it through the entire movie, he did totally agree with me about them.  A few weeks later and we had the date picked out and Amanda was totally on board with me. She styled this herself, shopping at Unique Vintage to find that great dress, and picked out a suit that JD already owned to wear. Although, he also never made it through watching The Notebook (he fell asleep:)…he was a great sport for doing this.  I can’t  thank them enough for seeing my vision so perfectly!  (Another post of their downtown photos to come tomorrow!) To view some more photos from this half of the session click here.

Pin-up girl

 This beautiful girl emailed me a few months ago about doing  a pin-up session at my studio.  I was a midst the start of a painting project up there, so I pushed the session back…..well I still haven’t finished the project, but I got confidence that I could do this style session in my studio after seeing the beautiful pin up photos on facebook that my sister and her friends had taken by her friend Amber (Modern Life Photo)-check her out, she’s great!  I LOVED this swimsuit. I already have one picked out to order for myself.   I found mine at Unique Vintage, but she found hers at Pin up Girl Clothing.  Both sites have some great stuff….and YEAH! Finally, a cute one-piece to wear 🙂