Life and Style Kids

Goodness, sorry for being a lame blogger lately! I have a bunch of fun kids sessions to share in the upcoming days. I do love this time of year when I get a little break from weddings and can focus on my second shooting passion. Plus, its been fun to work up in my studio again. The natural light has been incredible lately! These darling girls were actually photographed at their house. They had great natural window light to work with so we stayed indoors.  Really soon, they will be welcoming a baby brother to their family. Can’t wait to meet him!

Alyssa, Life and Style Kids

Meet sweet little Alyssa. She’s the third baby I’ve photographed for her parents. They are a busy family now with three little kids! Alyssa’s brother and sister played with my girls while we were in the studio. We had it nice and hot up there so she fell asleep pretty easily. I just LOVE her little hat and guess what? Her mom gave it to me to use for other newborn shoots. 🙂

Studio a.k.a The Sugar Shop

Visiting the tradeshow in Vegas and seeing the enormity of options for backdrops made me seriously consider buying some.  I visited booth after booth and found three simple cloths I could see using. THREE out of a few hundred! It made me realize props are just not my thing.  I will stay true to myself and my style of shooting by focusing on a child’s expression.  I thought I’d show you my most recent shoot of Taya. We spent 20 minutes upstairs, in front of one wall, with one lens and one reflector.  She got to pick out three shirts and boom, we had a full photo session. I can just see a wall collage coming out of this. I know I won’t get sick of the images because there isn’t anything busy about them.  I keep it simple because her expressions are so much more interesting than any backdrop I could find.  You might say she is easy to photograph because she belongs to me, but in reality, I use the same bribes on her as any other kid I photograph. There is a reason why I call my studio the Sugar Shop! A cupcake awaited her for cooperating.  

Life and Style kids – booking your session

Good Monday morning all! I was going through a mountain of emails this morning and ran across the same question a few times so I thought I better address it here to stop the rumor mill! I’ve had some past and current clients ask if I was going to continue to take kids pictures. They’ve heard through the grapevine that I’m phasing out of it. SO NOT TRUE! I have said that I cannot take as many sessions as I have in the past simply because my wedding schedule is really demanding certain months of the year. I do also have a daughter starting kindergarten next fall and I want to be a mom who is there for her when she gets home from school.  So, beginning in September, I will likely take two sessions one evening during the week and will be available from 8am-4pm the other weekdays for shoots. I will also be limiting my Sunday shooting since each Saturday I’m gone all day for a wedding.  It’s been a great five years of having my “weekends” with my kids during the week, but they’re getting to the ages that they have stuff going on and their weekends are soon going to be Saturdays and Sundays.  I want to be around for at least part of it.  Thanks all for understanding.  I have been busy working on the studio, here’s a peek at the play area:

I’ve also simplified ordering. The great majority of my clients choose to purchase the copyrights to their images on disc, so for this year that is exactly what you will get! I’ll also be including one 11×14 mounted print for you to hang either frameless or with your own frame. You can also choose one from our new selection.  I’m so looking forward to seeing photo collages on my clients walls!

Email to receiving pricing information. To book your session, a $150 deposit is required when scheduling and that total will go toward your order.

Chetek portrait photographer – Life & Style kids

My high school friend, Carly, brought her family over for pictures a few weeks ago and I still get amazed at how fast kids grow. We don’t see each other often so it was fun to play with the kids, Myles and Quinn. (Don’t you love their names!?) They are too cute for words.  I can’t even begin to express how darling this moment was between brother and sister (photo below).  Melt my heart. 

These two funny faces Quinn made were too stinkin cute not to share.

Life & Style Kids – vintage shoot

I’ve been wanting to photograph Harper since the day I met her, she just has that perfect vintage baby look.  I mentioned the idea to her mom, Christa, and she ran with it. The swimsuit was made by her talented sister and she bought Tayte’s hat in the cities.  We went to the Chetek Beach near sunset and just had a blast letting the kids be kids.  I’m so grateful for Christa’s help this summer. She watched our girls on Saturday’s while we were gone photographing weddings. The girls had so much fun, and it was such a relief to be able to focus 100% of my attention on my clients and know my kids were in good hands.  Christa is also Taya’s teacher this year, so I’m sucking up to her by doing this post on the first day of school  🙂  WordPress is being funny today and won’t let me post more photos, so go to our facebook page to see more!!

Tayte looking so handsome!

I LOVE this photo (below)